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ALL MY HIDDEN 4 & 5 STAR REVIEWS FROM YELP! Honest reviews from people who actually had a massage or train with me... if you want I can have any of these clients email you with a referral.

You can see them on YELP in the "Filtered Reviews for Perfect Parts Total Body Care" or just read them below!


26 Filtered Reviews for Perfect Parts Total Body Care

Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business's overall star rating.


  • Elissa K.



Before I purchaced the Groupon workout package with Kim, I called her to discuss my health issues and see if she could train me with my limitations.  I have had several trainers in the past, who said yes, and then made my issues worse.  Kim, on the other hand, has been great!. She has been nothing but professional, and extremely encouraging in helping me with my weight loss goals.  She makes working out (almost) enjoyable! She always has a smile on her face! I would recommend her to anyone who wants a trainer who cares!


  • Crystal T.

Los Angeles, CA


Had my 1st personal training session with Kim and it was PHENOMENAL!!! She is a gentle beast of a trainer who won't let u quit but encourages u all the way thru. I'm looking 4ward 2 some great change & great times along this weight loss journey. Thx Kim!

BTW...I opened my Yelp account just 2 let the world kno how awesome Kim from Perfect Parts is. I'll post before/after pics of my journey w/ her as I progress & after I learn how 2 upload photos 2 this app.


  • Ariana G.

Santa Monica, CA


I started working out with Kim two months ago and the results have been phenomenal. I've always thought of myself as "in shape", and before Kim, I worked out almost everyday for over three years, trained for a half marathon, and ate relatively healthily. I was extremely frustrated with my weight and the inability to lose the "pouch" that many women have. I told Kim my short and long term goals, and she came up with a both an eating plan and a workout plan for me. The eating plan was considered a "diet", but is more of a way of eating than specific meals. I workout with her 2 to 3 times a week; the workouts consist of weights and cardio. Since starting with her just two months ago, I've lost almost 15 pounds. I look leaner and hav even started working out in just sports bras because I'm finally happy to show off my stomach! Unfortunately I'm moving away soon but Kim has already agreed to come up with workout plans and eating plans for when I'm away becuase she truly cares about my health, beyond the time that I spend with her.
  In terms of her busniess manner, she's always on time and always trying to fit me into her schedule. Traveling to peopls' homes is very difficult and time consuming, but Kim plans excellently. There have been times where I wanted to get a workout in at the last minute and she was willing to sacrifice her dinner time to come train me.
I have had trainers in the past and NONE have been as great as Kim. I am extremely happy with my body and I could not have done it without her.

  • Susan M.

Melbourne Victoria Australia


I came to Los Angeles for a month and I hired Kim to train me during that time.  I knew that if I didn't have a plan there was a danger I would do nothing.  Kim was a pleasure to work with.  I'm not an exercise fan, (at all)  but it was fun to work out with Kim.  The first day she came with her TRX equiptment and I really learned a lot.  I purchased one while I was in the states and worked out with it between our training sessions. She was also kind enough to lend me one until mine was delivered.  Kim helped me to work out a regime that I am actually doing at home.  This is major for me.  She also showed me some new exercises that are perfectly suited to my body.  I think she is great and I will definitely use her next time I am in Los Angeles.


  • Ruth L.

Venice, Los Angeles, CA


Kim is a fabulous masseuse! She knows when to work on a body part and when to let it heal naturally. She got me through a very difficult time when I was awaiting a major shoulder surgery . She will always be a massage resource in my life. And best of all, she makes house calls!


  • Carey C.

Los Angeles, CA


Kim was the bomb. She truly delivers one of the best massages that I have had. She is caring, never rushed and totally dedicated to giving you the best massage. I can't wait for my next massage with Kim...

  • Baubac H.

Los Angeles, CA


What an amazing find!  I initially found her through amazon local deal and after coordinating a time with her she was punctual and professional.  She sought out the most effective area in-house and my hour of bliss began.  I had a later appointment and went right to bed afterward and felt refreshed and great the next morning.  In addition, she was able to pick up asymmetries in spasms of my muscles and recommend stretch and strengthening exercises that would help.  

I found Kim to be enthusiastic and serious about her craft, and she approaches it scientifically.  I read the comment Havana M. wrote, she would have been worth the wait.

I recommend her and planning to schedule the next appointment with her.


  • Robyn L.

Malibu, CA


I've been training with Kim for the past several weeks.  I hired her because I am one of those people who will not exercise on their own with any regularity.  I expected it to be a grind, with me trying to get out of it, but for the first time in a very long time, I actually look forward to working out.  Kim keeps me moving forward, but at a pace that I can take.  In just a few weeks I am already seeing results.  I like that she is upbeat, won't let me get away with cutting corners, but is so nice and encouraging, that I really feel like I want to work out.  Trust me, if you knew me, you would know that this is a little mini-miracle.  The group-on deal made this a no brainer when it came to hiring Kim (I mean, where do you get a trainer to come to your house for just over $30/hour), but now I plan to stick with it just because it feels so good to feel so good!!!  If you'd said working out and fun in the same sentence to me before Kim I would have rolled my eyes, but not now!!!

  • Reese A.

Burbank, CA


Had Kim visit my home the other day for 2 hour massage, an hour for me and an hour for my boyfriend. First impression of Kim was that she was very friendly and outgoing. A few minutes into our massage my boyfriend and i already felt like we've known her for years. Not only was Kim friendly and fun, she also really knows what she is doing. She worked on my boyfriend first and i am shocked at how much strength she has, because of how knotted up he was, she even took out some biofreeze for him and left us some. She also taught me a few tricks to help my boyfriend out too, how nice is that!
It was such a pleasant experience, i definitely recommend it!
Book your in home massage now! She books up fast!

  • Porter K.

TOLUCA TER, CA 8/26/2011

Kim definitely has an intuitive sense of the body and uses a variety of modalities (acupressure, deep tissue, etc.) to address one's individual needs. Her method is straightforward and effective. She is thorough, caring, kind, but strong. She gets right to the problems you don't even know you have.

Knots are coaxed out, tight tissue is reminded of its correct length, joints are mobilized and balance is restored. Kim has a wonderful approach to working on the body and took the time to show me exercises afterwards to help alleviate and prevent pains and build muscle integrity. As a professional personal trainer, Kim has a wealth of information to share.  I would recommend her for any body work you might need done.



  • Ana K.

Norco, CA


I had a few of my friends recommend going to KIm for some time, but never had the chance to experience her Total Body Care until recently. And I'm upset with myself that I waited so long. In short: totally worth it!

  • Joey T.

Santa Monica, CA


Kim delivered a wonderful massage, perfect in its touch and depth.  I have had many spinal surgeries and she was careful and still knew precisely how to reach the muscles that needed help.  Kim is sweet and pleasant to work with, from the first time onward.
High recommendations.

  • Megha J.

Los Angeles, CA


I purchased this deal on Lifebooker for 1 hour in-home massage. Its easier to get an appointment with Kim by email. I booked appointment for myself and my mom and KIm was on time. She did massage for 1 hour completely. Before starting the massage Kim checked with me my expectations and the pain points. I wanted a post- partum massage and she did a great job. I would definitely recommend her for those looking for affordable in-home massage.

  • Tracy M.

Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, CA


Kim came to my place, listened to what I needed and then used her intuition and skill to give me a great massage! She helped relieve my pain and she relaxed me. Thanks Kim!

  • Teresa M.

Los Angeles, CA


I booked on life Booker and was so glad I did. Kim is the nicest person ever she took her time with my entire family and we were all very happy with our massages. Can't wait to see her again we are so looking forward to our next massage. Thanks kim! Great experience.

  • Yael S.

Los Angeles, CA


My husband surprised me with a massage now that I am far along in my pregnancy and experiencing back pains. Kim made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. Kim is experienced and knowledgeable about pregnancy massages and had some great tips for me. I would highly recommend Kim whether pregnant or not. She is friendly and warm.

  • Don C.

Hidden Hills, CA


Kim comes to our offices once a week and works on our 8 employees. They all love her!!  She's always on time, always cheerful and friendly, she does an amazing job. It's not expensive, it boosts our company morale and I'm a hero because of it. I highly recommend Kim!!

  • Susan B.

Woodland Hills, CA


I highly recommend Kim for massage, fitness and nutritional benefits.  She is highly qualified and thoughtful and she has consisently and effectively relieved my sore and aching body.

  • Joseph G.

Chicago, IL


I had a chronic back problem and could not get relief.  Kim suggested  exercises and they were so helpful in strengthening specific muscles my pain slowly eased and now it's so much better. Like a new beginning! She is a kind and thoughtful person and very professional.

  • Paul L.

Los Angeles, CA


We were introduced to Kim from a very good friend.  Our daughter, age 16 had worked with several trainers with nominal results.  Kim's expertise both from a training and nutrition perspective, in addition to her nurturing and supportive personality provided meaningful results and most importantly, long-term lifestyle changes with our daughter.  Kim made a significant difference in our daughter's life.

  • Mike N.

West Hollywood, CA


Kim has an exceptional gift in that she knows just the right amount of pressure to apply as she intuitively does her work. I would highly recommend her !

  • Catherine L.

Malibu, CA


Kim Hopkins is the best trainer i have ever had.She truly cares about every single one of her clients. Kim changed my life and helped me lose 30 pounds. She is an amazing trainer and an amazing friend.

  • Sally Z.

Los Angeles, CA


Where to start? Okay I was 41 pounds heavier three and a half months ago! YES 41 POUNDS! And my skin isn't sagging! Kim makes exercise fun by changing up the routines every time, dance, weights, Bosu, just too much fun to call it a "workout" and she is so patient but firm so you get results. And after each workout a mini massage *my favorite part. I treat myself once a month to her massage, HEAVEN, did I say HEAVEN?! YES HEAVEN! I earn it. We meet at the park on nice days and at my house when I just barely feel like working out. Kim is so inspirational and funny too.... just a great experience. So if you need to get in shape and don't like working out CALL KIM!!!


  • T. B.

Los Angeles, CA


My wife and I work with Kim on 2 levels: as our personal trainer as well as our massage therapist.  Her energy and smile are wonderfully infectious.  As a personal trainer she constantly motivates us to push ourselves, especially when we are not in the mood.  As a massage therapist her healing touch is like no other.  My wife and I are blessed to have Kim in our lives.

  • Lisa B.

Los Angeles, CA


Kim is an amazing massage therapist with incredibly strong healing hands!!  She is magically intuitive and leaves you feeling full again!!!   I absolutely loved my massage with Kim and look forward to working with her again!!  Oh and she comes to YOUR home!!!   Thanks Kim!!!!